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Deep Red - B&C Heritage long sleeve /men

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From the office to dinner dates and weddings, a classic white shirt will always be a cornerstone of your wardrobe. Designed for the busy modern citizen, this game-changing 100% cotton shirt has been constructed to prevent wrinkles from forming. Boasting a pure and comfortable yet impeccable fit and understated detailing, it’s the ultimate workwear shirt. Some facts never lie: 6 stitches/cm, lap seams, 3-layer spread collar, cross-stitched buttons, perfect straight cuff. These quality details shape the B&C Heritage shirt, giving the wearer the self-confidence of a faultless look. The B&C Tie-Fix© will hold your tie down whatever the situation, and our B&C REVERSO button© allows you to change from a classical straight cuff to a stylish French cuff in less than 10 seconds, without additional cufflinks.

  • Cross stitched mother-of-pearl-effect buttons.
  • Additional button holder for cufflinks.
  • B&C REVERSO Button(Copyright) & B&C Tie-Fix(Copyright).